TAP Insulation Installation

logohorizontalWhat Is TAP Insulation?

TAP insulation is “green” technology that uses recycled paper, but it also benefits your home in another important area. TAP insulation contains borates that work to control pests, so this substance is highly useful. TAP insulation doesn’t necessarily require that you have your current insulation removed. Technicians can place TAP insulation on top of the insulation that you already have. 

People often ask if TAP insulation is safe, and it is. Borates come from the earth naturally, and they are substances that are placed in many common products, such as anti-fungal ointments and contact lens solution. Borates never place people and pets at risk, but they are highly effective in killing unwanted pests.

What Are the Benefits of TAP Insulation?

When you install TAP insulation, you will save money on your cooling and heating costs because this substance helps to keep the atmosphere inside your home at a comfortable temperature. This type of insulation also reduces outside sounds, but it goes further than that. With TAP insulation, people inside the home don’t hear the toilet flushing or the washing machine as well as they did before. 

TAP insulation doesn’t require as much energy to create as other forms because it is made with more than 80 percent recycled products. After installation, technicians don’t have anything to throw away. Lastly, because of the borates, homes with TAP insulation have protection against termites, ants and cockroaches. Since termites can cause massive damage, this may be the most important benefit that you will receive from installing TAP insulation. 

Obviously, TAP Insulation will benefit the environment as well as your home. So, contact us today at New York Pest Control for your TAP insulation needs. 

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