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Termites are a common problem in many parts of the United States. When you build a home, the soil must be treated for these insects before the foundation is poured. However, many people find themselves dealing with termites later on. While there are several types of termites, subterranean termites in Hempstead, Garden City, Levittown, Jamaica, Long Beach, and the surrounding areas are the most damaging to homes and surrounding structures.

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Subterranean termites live together in large colonies. These colonies are comprised of worker termites, reproductive termites and soldier termites. Some of these termites are wingless and some have wings twice the length of their bodies. These insects move up through the soil underneath your home to feed on wood and other materials made from cellulose such as paper, cardboard and fiberboard. Subterranean termites are usually found in any wood that makes contact with the soil. These insects build mud tubes to travel through structures where they look for new sources of food.

You may be completely unaware that subterranean termites are feeding on your home, until you see certain signs of infestation. Termites are often seen swarming in large groups. When you see termites swarming outside your home, it does not necessarily mean your home is infested. However, if you see these insects flying around the inside of your home you must obtain a termite inspection by an exterminator. Most species of subterranean termite swarm on bright sunny days and are especially after a period of rain. You can examine the wood inside your home to determine if termites have been feeding. Tapping on wood with a screwdriver is the best way to test for termites. If the wood produces a hollow sound or if you can puncture it easily, you most likely have subterranean termites. The presence of mud tubes on floor joists or wooden beams is another sign of infestation. Subterranean termites use cracks in your home's foundation to gain entry inside your home, where they feed voraciously.

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If you have signs of subterranean termites it is best to have your home thoroughly inspected by an exterminator who has experience dealing with termites. These professionals are trained to spot signs of infestations that many homeowners miss. If your home is infested with termites, the exterminator will provide several options for treatment. Most pest control companies offer annual contracts and guarantee their work.

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