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Rodent infestations can be nightmare situation for homeowners in Long Island and the five boroughs, New York. As our population has grown over the years to over 8 million residents, the number of rodent pests living here has surged correspondingly. Knowing what to do is very important when the inevitable close encounters occur. However, rodent control in Hempstead, Garden City, Levittown, Jamaica, Long Beach and the surrounding areas, performed by a professional exterminator from New York Pest Control may be your best option when dealing with rats and mice in your home or business.

By the time you spot a single rodent, there may be an unseen yet thriving rodent community nearby. In Long Island, native species such as groundhogs, squirrels and White-footed mice can be more than mere nuisances and their gnawing habits are often not strictly confined to nature’s offerings. Not only can rodents wreak havoc on your home’s wiring system and cause major structural damage, they can destroy landscaping, sprinkler systems and damage vehicles, making costly repairs necessary.

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Prevention is the first line of defense in Hempstead rodent control. Paper and plastic food packaging materials offer very little protection against sharp teeth. Use rodent-resistant food storage containers and remember to tidy up food spills right away. Springtime is the season for rodent reproduction and it’s a great time to get rid of excess junk around the house. Piles of clutter tend to attract pests as they can make ideal nesting sites.

If rodents are already on your property, a careful inspection can reveal nesting and feeding areas. Due to the health hazards associated with rodents, it is best to contact pest control professionals at this point. Some rodents found in Long Island, NY, are known carriers of serious diseases such as Tularemia and can transmit the Hanta virus, which can cause serious illness or even death.

When disturbed, droppings can send contaminated dust particles into the air to be inhaled by humans and pets. Direct contact with dead or living rodents, or items they have touched, can result in the transmission of bacteria and parasitic organisms.

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If hostile rodents have staged a takeover of your property, then contact New York Pest Control for professional rodent control. Our professionals will help you take your property back from their destructive jaws and busy little paws. We offer full-service rodent control to homeowners in Long Island.

Extermination alone produces only temporary results and may not prevent re infestations. Our pest management specialists are trained to handle the clean and safe removal of pests from your home. Call us for a free consultation today!

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