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When the term home invaders is mentioned, people usually think of a masked man lurking in the shrubs under a window. The reality is that there may be millions of home invaders creeping up on your house right now. The National Pest Management Association estimates that five billion dollars are spent each year repairing the damage caused by termites. These little creatures are the size of an ant, but they are incredibly destructive.

Multi-Pest Corp offers termite control services throughout Long Island, including Long Beach. Many homeowners in Long Island are now discovering that their home has been impacted by termites. A professional termite inspection is the best defense against these pests.

Understanding termite infestationsTermites-680

Termites dine on a diet of cellulose. Everything that is made from a tree is composed of cellulose. This includes the wood frame that makes up the substructure of homes. Termites live in colonies that can contain millions of the insects. They seek out sources of food consisting of cellulose and quickly devour it before moving on to a new food source. They prefer to move through the soil underground because their bodies must remain moist. Because they remain under soil and debris, many homeowners are unaware of their presence until significant damage has been done. The termites eat around the clock to provide the queen with as much fuel for reproducing as possible. The constant eating habits of the termites enable them to quickly consume vast amounts of wood that may be supporting the main structure of a home.

Calling a professional termite exterminator

Colonies of termites are most attracted to moist, decaying wood but will also eat new wood. Common signs of termite infestation include warped, bulging wood, piles of sawdust, mud tubes on exterior walls and termite swarming in the spring. Once an infestation is identified, you should immediately call a professional pest control service. There is no effective treatment that can be undertaken by a homeowner. Multi-Pest Corp is your Long Beach termite extermination professional. Contact us today!

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