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Danger of ratsRat

Rats can carry diseases into your home that are dangerous. This type of rodent has a long tail and medium size body. Wild rats have brown or black hair on their bodies. There are several geographic areas that have large rats due to the animals inbreeding. Cities with larger human populations often have numerous rats. This is because of an easily available food supply and many hiding places. Rats in populated areas will find places to live near garbage, restaurants, inside walls and near pipes.

Controlling rat populations is a job for an expert in extermination methods. New York Pest Control offers rat control services throughout the Highland Park area in Queens. We are your local rat exterminator. We also service throughout Long Island.

Dealing with a rat infestation

There may be laws in your geographic area that require using particular exterminating techniques for rat infestations. Your city may require only humane methods of controlling rats. Alternatively, health experts may want to control the poisons that are used to kill rats. Rat poisons are deadly for cats, dogs and other pets. In addition, a child or adult who accidentally ingests this type of poison may die. The anticoagulant action of this poison can cause nosebleeds, internal intestinal bleeding, pale gums and external bleeding.

Importance of professional rat control

A professional exterminator may use a variety of poisons, traps or repellents to rid your home of rats. Exterminators know how to locate rats safely inside or near your home. They will determine the species of rat to understand how to eliminate it. Rats are fast learners while learning how to avoid capture in trapping devices. An exterminator will use the correct bait and trap to capture the pest. At the same time, the rat exterminator will learn where the animal is entering the home. This expert will show you ways to prevent future rat infestations by closing off entry points around pipes and other areas. Contact New York Pest Control for rat extermination today!

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