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Mice can be a homeowner's worst nightmare. These tiny critters can infest your home, bringing with them a host of diseases. Mice multiply rapidly, contaminating food and damaging your home. Dealing with mice is a hassle for most people. Finding ways to rid your home of mice is possible with a few simple steps, however many times a professional mouse exterminator is needed. New York Pest Control offers mouse control services throughout the Highland Park area in Queens. We are your local mouse exterminator. We also service throughout Long Island. Below are some steps a homeowner can try to remedy their mouse infestation.

Cut off the mice food sources

Mice are attracted to sources of food and water. Don't offer a buffet of treats by leaving trash in your home or unwashed dishes in your sink. Store food in airtight containers and refrigerate items that would attract mice. Remember that mice are not only attracted to human food. Clean and store pet food bowls when not in use.

Avoid clutter in your home

Not only do mice search for food, they also look for convenient places to nest. They are attracted to clutter. Piles of paper, plastic bags and clothing are ideal spaces for mice to do their bidding. Keep your space clean and free of clutter so that your home doesn't turn into a mouse hotel.

Find a professional mouse exterminator

It is very difficult to get rid of mice. There are home remedies for getting rid of mice, but without comprehensive pest control, they will return. A professional pest control company can find out the root of the problem and stop mice in their tracks. Your pest control specialist can identify where the mice are entering your home and seal off their means of entry. They can also use mouse control products that are safe to use around children and pets. New York Pest Control is your professional mouse exterminator in the Highland Park area. Contact us today for a free quote!

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