New York City Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Bedbugs remain a particularly serious problem in New York City. These small, wingless pests have brown-red bodies, long antennae and lengthy beaks. The insects invade a wide range of buildings. Schools, offices, movie theaters, apartment complexes and homeowners have reported infestations. Bedbugs reproduce quickly and become quite difficult to eradicate. They harm New York residents in several different ways.

Health Effects

Bed Bug 3This pest bites during the night and leaves behind itchy red bumps. Many people have difficulty sleeping as a result. An infestation can promote irritability, anxiety, severe stress, fatigue and depression. If a person scratches irritated skin, it could allow bacteria to infect the tissue. Some individuals find this hard to avoid because they unconsciously scratch themselves at night.

Although these bugs don't appear to transmit diseases, they have the potential to trigger serious medical problems. People occasionally experience asthmatic, allergic or anaphylactic reactions to their bites. An allergy may develop over time as these insects repeatedly target the same person. A few individuals suffer from anemia, especially if they lack proper nutrition. There's also a slight risk that bedbug bites will induce nausea.

Material Losses

This pest may ruin belongings as well. Bedbug excrement frequently stains furniture, clothing, sheets and other objects. Its color ranges from black to red. The insect and its eggs can fit inside tiny crevices in electronics, cabinets, mattresses and books. New Yorkers often find it difficult to fully banish bedbugs from such items. They discard valuable possessions in an attempt to eradicate the pest.

Eliminating Bedbugs

These tenacious insects continue to mutate in ways that make them even harder to exterminate. They are resisting pesticides by growing thicker exoskeletons. Most store-bought sprays and foggers no longer have a significant effect on the bugs. Likewise, many pest control professionals had to adopt new strategies in recent years. Some companies now combine multiple chemicals to eradicate this pest with greater success.

logoAn increasingly popular alternative is to use bedbug heat treatments. This effective technique raises a room's temperature enough to kill insects and destroy their eggs. Some pest control firms accomplish this with the help of electric heaters. Others have embraced a new system known as Heat Assault. This diesel-powered equipment swiftly increases the indoor temperature to 145 F, killing bedbugs before they have a chance to escape.

Heat Assault offers many valuable advantages. It costs less than other treatments because it works so quickly and doesn't require large, heavy heating units. The heat reliably eliminates all bedbugs because it permeates furnishings and reaches every crevice. A lack of chemicals makes this option much safer for people, pets and the environment.

If bedbugs have invaded your office or home, New York Pest Control can help return your life to normal. Our family-owned firm has served clients throughout New York City and Long Island for more than a decade. We employ highly skilled technicians and use Heat Assault treatments to eliminate bedbugs as rapidly as possible. To learn more or request a free estimate, please dial 877-360-2306 today.

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