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American cities up and down the East Coast have been hit hard by an epidemic of bed bugs. Local departments of public health don’t collect statistics on bed bug infestations since the parasitic insects aren’t disease vectors, but the New York metropolitan area, which includes Long Island, has ranked Number One on the list of the buggiest American cities for several years running now. If your home or business is affected by these pests and you are looking for professional bed bug control, then contact New York Pest Control today. We offer bed bug extermination services throughout Hempstead, Garden City, Levittown, Jamaica, Long Beach and the surrounding areas of Long Island. Contact us today.

We offer bed bug control & extermination services throughout Long Island

Cimex lectularius, or bed bugs, have been have been plaguing mankind for thousands of years. As long ago as the 4th century B.C., the Greek playwright Aristophanes was writing about them. By the 1940s, bed bugs had almost been completely eradicated from the industrialized nations of the world, but since the 1990s, their numbers have been creeping upwards again. Scientists aren’t exactly sure what’s behind this resurgence. Bed bugs have been found in every one of the 50 states, in residences, commercial lodging, offices, schools, airplanes, subways and even in hospitals.

Bed bugs are tiny, flat, ovoid insects. They feed on blood, and they feed at night. Their nocturnal feeding habits make them very hard to detect. Bed bugs can withstand a wide range of temperatures and can go as long as a year without eating. Once they’re in your house, they can hide in any little nook or crevice though their favorite places are carpets and mattresses.

Human beings are just one of many species whose blood bed bugs feed on. They don’t spread diseases per se, but their bites are extremely itchy and many people go on to develop secondary bacterial infections from scratching bites. Some people also develop serious skin rashes and other allergic symptoms.

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In the 1940s, the powerful insecticide DDT was used to exterminate bed bugs. The use of DDT was banned in the U.S. in 1973, however, so it is no longer an option today. Bed bugs have developed a resistance to many insecticides over the years, which makes them extremely hard to eradicate. If you find evidence of bed bugs in your home, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Pockets of insecticide resistance develop place by place. New York Pest Control will know exactly which insecticides and integrated pest management techniques work best against bed bugs in the Long Island area. We are your local Long Island exterminator.  We know how to target the beds, mattresses, box springs, carpets, closets, baseboards and other crevices where bed bugs lurk most efficiently.

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