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Bed bugs are invasive pests that have appeared in homes and public areas across the entire country. The insects are very elusive and can easily hide in small, concealed areas. This has allowed bed bugs to travel long distances while sitting on clothes, hiding in the folds of a bag or even resting inside of upholstery. New York bed bugs do not present an immediate health risk to human beings. They do, however, bite and feed on humans. The fact that bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide and heat means that they often settle in areas where humans spend long periods of time. New York Pest Control offers chemical bed bug treatments throughout Hempstead, Garden City, Levittown, Jamaica, Long Beach and the surrounding areas of Long Island

We offer chemical bed bug treatment throughout Long Island

Removing and controlling bed bugs in a home requires a comprehensive approach that includes several different types of treatments. Unlike many other insects, bedbugs have some resistance to several types of chemical pesticides. This is especially true of the eggs that are laid. Chemical bed bug treatments are effective when combined with other forms of bed bug control. These other methods include physical removal with a vacuum, cleaning, bedbug traps and heat treatments that target specific areas of a home or piece of furniture that could be harboring bedbugs and eggs.

Chemical treatments for bed bugs are most effective when the chemicals are distributed directly where the pests are living. Simply blanketing an area with the chemicals might not contact enough bed bugs to make a difference. Some bed bugs have also been shown to actively avoid areas where chemicals have been sprayed until the pesticide dissipates to harmless levels. The chemicals that are used during a comprehensive bed bug treatment affect bed bugs, eggs and juvenile bugs in different ways. This makes the use of standard consumer pesticides without sufficient knowledge a wasteful exercise.

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A home that is infested with bedbugs can only be fully cleared of the pests with the help of a professional pest control service. The entire home needs to be examined by professionals to help determine exactly where the bed bugs are concentrated and to discover the extent of the problem. A professional pest control service will also have all of the knowledge and tools available to enact a program that attacks the bugs from every angle that is necessary. Pest control services can also help to keep a home free from bed bugs by scheduling regular inspections and follow-up treatments.

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